a selection of the ream drawing, photo by oscar rey

ream is a semi-regular event i organise which involves choosing ten artists to collectively produce five hundred drawings in 500 minutes

at the end of the time lapse, all drawings are put on display and are for sale at a very minimal price

this event is hosted by sameheads, in neukölln, berlin

below are my fifty drawings from ream iii, 29th february 2020, coloured pencil, marker, fineliner & felt tip on paper, all 21 x 15 cm

you can see all the other nine artists’ work here

last call out information

ream (noun)

1. a quantity of paper, formerly 480 sheets, now 500 sheets or, in a printer’s ream, 516 sheets.

2. a very large amount. Often used in the plural: reams of work to do.




after an 8 year hiatus, the REAM drawing challenge returns…

are you an artist?

do you like drawing quickly?

are you available from 11am on saturday 29th february?

some artists have been pre-selected but we still have a few spots left to fill for this drawing marathon…

ten artists will be given a table & eight hours & 20 minutes to produce fifty drawings each from the ream of five hundred collectively between 11am & 7.20pm.

each piece will need to be completed & hung in the gallery in time for the vernissage at 8pm that evening.

each artist will also be responsible for taking a photo & posting the image on the REAM instagram.

this is an experiment in creativity & stamina which will hopefully result in a gallery full of five hundred beautiful & interesting images.

the works will then be for sale at a nominal fee of 15€ each so throughout the day the exhibition will build & then slowly be deconstructed as the drawings can be instantly taken away once they have been purchased.

10€ will go to the artist, 5€ will be split between the organisers & the venue to cover costs.

if you are interested in participating, please send a brief email about yourself & a link to your work to & follow r_e_a_m_2_0_2_0_ on instagram.

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