design work for the album, brüsseler platz by dominik von senger, 2019
demon with severed head, 2020, embroidered thread & collaged fabric 44 x 31 cm
creature from hell 3, 2019, rusted metal, mackerel head, chicken feet, bark, firework case, glue, approx 28 cm tall
installation for 48 std neukölln: luxus, 2011, mixed media, dimensions variable
dead flowers make for poor souvenirs, please leave them for others to enjoy, 2018, dried satsuma skins, paper, paper tape, wire, orangina bottles, spray paint, varnish, dimensions variable

creature from hell 4, 2020, branch, stone, mackerel fins, pin heads, wax, netting, wood, glue, approx 45 cm tall
creature from hell 1, 2018, twigs, bark, animal bone, stones, rawl plug, screw, plastic pipe wood, glue, approx 35cm tall
installation commission for sameheads in neukölln, berlin, 2019, mixed media, dimensions variable
design for ream exhibition poster, 2019
installation in karl-marx-str ubahn vitrine for die marktpläner, berlin, 2016, ink drawings on card, dimensions variable

demon, 2020, embroidered thread & fabric collage, 29 x 57 cm
installation commission for sameheads easter party, 2019, cardboard & packing tape, dimensions variable
creature from hell 2, 2019, twigs, bark, animal mandible, tap, metal, bracket, brambles, wood, glue, approx 50 cm tall
do you think i’m sexist?, 2016, lp cover, acrylic, collage, coloured pencil, tape, 31,5 x 31,5 cm, for the exhibition ‘pop hits: covered covers’, vienna, 2016
silver shark installation for the sameheads party, fried, 2012, cardboard, silver foil, silver tape, dimensions variable

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