installation for die markt planer in the glass cabinet on the platform at

karl-marx-straße ubahn, berlin






do you think i'm sexist?

re-worked record sleeve for an exhibition at the austria auction company, vienna - pop hits: covered covers which featured over 250 sleeves






mark zuckerberg

coloured pencil on paper 42 x 29cm






twitter chain gang

coloured pencil on paper 29.5 x 42cm






apple atlas

coloured pencil on paper 29.5 x 42cm









illustrations for edition 3 of 39null magazine: 'macht und ohnmacht'

(power and powerlessness)









a series of packaging illustrations for a fabric pattern design for raquel hladky

 coloured pencil on paper each 29.5cm x 21cm







logo design and screen printed t-shirts for the band clean & jerk






 hand-silkscreened canvas produced for the vallori artist shoes collection from culturashoes