chloe grove, born 1981, is a british artist based in berlin, germany

farbstift malerei - coloured pencil painting 

grove presents a series of large format works in coloured pencil which challenge the traditional use of this medium.

evoking geological formation and fossilisation, a study of pressure and time, the pieces on display utilise an unorthodox technique where layers of colour are built up and blended until the paper reaches the point of saturation and the surface achieves a burnished sheen.

inspired by physics principles, space exploration and digital aesthetics, grove attempts to depict the essence of light energy and reimagine it in an abstracted, decelerated alternative reality. 

the previous series of drawings utilised a process entitled 'fragmentalism', and involved creating fractured, geometric portraits by manually manipulating photographs with a makeshift optical device as inspiration for the images. the drawings depict stylised caricatures, initially in a series entitled ‘how the mighty have fallen’, of people whose public images had been in some sense shattered.

following this series, grove became more interested in incorporating the backlit, screen aesthetic that the process threw up which informed her later work and harped back to previous screen-related works.

this digital distortion was the subject of the previous series of paintings, produced between 2011 and 2014, acrylic works on canvas which were inspired by the digital glitches which occur when low quality streams of live sport get interrupted and the computer produces an image which almost looks like it has made an attempt at cubism in some cases. grove felt that these momentary works of art, which are gone in a second, were worth trying to catch, like precious ephemeral keepsakes, and reinterpret as hand-produced paintings.

"i like to think of david hockney's commentary on spending two weeks on the representation of the dynamic water in his painting, 'a bigger splash', something which lasted a fraction of a second. this slowing down of time and focus on minute detail inspires me to think of the scientific exploration of scale and its use to better understand what is beyond our reach."

recent commercial projects have included an installation for, screenprinted merchandise for anklepants, duran duran duran, private agenda and new record label inversions, editorial illustrations for 39null magazine, images for fabric designs by raquel hladky and a record sleeve for bintus released on shipwrec records.

photographs by kathleen michael