chloe grove, born 1981, is a british artist based in berlin, germany




i work predominantly large format in coloured pencil using methods developed to  challenge the traditional use of this medium.

evoking geological formation and fossilisation, a study of pressure and time, i use an unorthodox technique where layers of colour are built up and blended until the paper reaches the point of saturation and the surface achieves a burnished sheen.

inspired by physics principles, space exploration, meteorite and digital aesthetics, i attempt to  reimagine what i see in an abstracted, decelerated alternative reality. 

my work has been exhibited in germany, uk, australia, macedonia, austria and in denmark, where a selection of drawings, paintings and prints can currently be seen at galleri heike arndt on the island of lolland falster and from 5th september at galleri heike arndt in berlin as part of the group show, momentum, with jean-baptiste monnin & erik weiser.




photographs by kathleen michael